Adjustable Patient Platform. Accurately measure patient weight-bearing ratios. Keeps the patient's center of gravity to the back while bringing feet to floor level.

Nursing Homes

The Total Lift Bed has many advantages for Nursing Homes.

If you are part of an ACO the Total Lift bed is the perfect solution for you. Being able to provide better care at lower cost is exactly what the VitalGo Total Lift Bed does. You will want to keep your residents in the lowest acuity settings for the best care and to save money for the entire organization.

If you are concerned about Staff shortages and injuries the TLB is also the best solution. The Total Lift Bed allows for caregivers to treat users up to 1000lbs much safer and easier. First and foremost it eliminates the need for many dangerous transfers all together. When a patient does need to be transferred the TLB makes all levels of transfers easier.

The Total Lift Bed offers many great benefits for therapy in nursing homes. Now the Therapy can be done right in the patient's room. This eliminated the need to transfer them all the way to the gym, if there even is a gym. Also it allows all levels of residents to do therapy even when you have to start very small. Wherever you start though the TLB will track your progress allowing the staff to adjust protocols to maximize your therapy outcomes.

Imagine the reactions from residents and family members when they see your facility has the most advanced technology to promote mobility.

VitalGo has come up with some very unique solutions for nursing homes to be able to afford such an advanced product. Please contact us and we'll happy to help you with a plan to get started.

Assisted Living

The Total lift Bed is a perfect product for serving the need of both, residence and owners of the ALF, is it allows and helps the residents to make their Daily living Activity with lower risk, easier, and helps one of the most important tasks which is getting out of bed, thus dramatically increasing the stay of a resident in the ALF.

As ACO's groups form the TLB can be the best option to provide the best care at the lowest cost. It's unique features allow you to care for people in the lowest acuity settings possible.

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  • Total Lift Bed
    425 lb. Weight Capacity Tilts a patient from a 0° flat position to an 82° fully upright position, and any degree in-between.