Adjustable Patient Platform. Accurately measure patient weight-bearing ratios.

Aging In Place: Most people would like to age at their home

Immobility and falls are the major causes for people to have to leave their home for institutional care.

The VitalGo Total Lift Bed is the ideal solution for safeguarding users and caregivers, nurses and therapists. It is the only bed on the market that can allow the user to stand and sit or lie-down in any desired positions, without any risk, neither to the user or the caregiver.

The patented Total Lift Bed virtually eliminates the risk of falling while maintaining the user's dignity. the still independent elderly population is exposed to the biggest danger, a fall. The next fall can be the last trip of an elderly person and unfortunately every elderly person according to statistics will fall 3 times a year, while 25% of them will have a hip fracture and of those 30% will die because of bed ridden complications. One of the common falls is when getting out of bed. The Total Lift bed can help the user to prevent such falls.

Sometimes more importantly that just getting out of bed completely is the ability to just safely stand for periods at a time. This allows the user to get much needed exercise in a safe environment, free from fall risk. Just standing in this bed is real weight bearing therapy. You can adjust the amount of weight bearing just by changing the angle.

The Total Lift Bed gives users what no other professional care bed can: independence, safety and dignity. With its innovative design and extensive safety features, this unique bed, for independent users eliminates the need for straps or assistance during the critical lying down and getting up processes. As the bed tilts, the revolutionary foot-lifter brings the user to ground level and the bed's precisely controlled mechanism guarantees the user's center of gravity is always to the back, safeguarding the user from falling. When the bed reaches the full upright position, the user safely steps away from the bed. Thanks to the VitalGo Total Lift Bed, getting in and out of bed has never been safer or easier.

VitalGo has many options available for home use. Please contact sales@vitalgosys.com for more information on home designs.


  • Total Lift Bed
    425 lb. Weight Capacity Tilts a patient from a 0° flat position to an 82° fully upright position, and any degree in-between.